10 Dead Video Game Franchises That We Desperately Want to See Resurrected


More so than fans of any other entertainment medium, gamers are notoriously nostalgic. When we aren’t digging through our old consoles to replay games from our childhood, or passionately defending Sonic Adventure in YouTube comments (it was great at the time, okay?!) we’re whooping and hollering at announcements of reboots, and falling over one another to play remastered editions of video games that are barely even 4 years old. We appreciate our past, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

But there are some series that have somehow drifted into obscurity which, considering how much we love it when old game franchises are brought kicking and screaming into the 21st century, is more than a little baffling. The following series featured in this list have all failed to make it to current-gen consoles despite us protesting for their return, though we still hold out hope that someone, somewhere is listening to us and they’ll each make a wondrous comeback.

Here are 10 dead video game franchises that we desperately want to see resurrected:

Image Credit: Ariel Flores