10 Best PC Games Of All Time

Photo: Bethesda Game Studios

While console players might be still delusional of how great products they have and debating which of their machines is better, PC gamers are busy with playing amazing titles. There are far more genres that one can play on the PC and every year it seems there is a big breakthrough in PC gaming in regards to one of the fields, whether that’s graphics, psychics, storytelling or other. Therefore, these 10 best PC games of all time are truly masterpieces of the newest art form that is video gaming.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (2011)

The only company that has two games on this list Bethesda, and it has done it with two similarly formatted but completely different games in their essence. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim made a surprisingly big impact on the pop culture with even non-gamers knowing a lot about it. The king of the open world action role-playing video games, Skyrim truly feels like a real, authentic world that you’re a significant part of, but tread your own path however you please it.

Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos (2002)
Top PC games of all time

Photo: Blizzard Entertainment 

15 years from its release and Warcraft II Reign of Chaos still has an active community of players, illustrating its importance and significance in the gaming world. The RTS game that spawned almost countless MMORPG games and a pretty successful movie, it’s as entertaining and as immersive as games can be. Fantasy real-time strategy game made a generation of people fall in love with its world thanks to character, story, and perfect mechanics.

Fallout 3 (2008)
10 Best PC games of All Time

Photo: Bethesda Game Studios

Showing that the rabbit whole of immersive open-world games can be even deeper than we thought, Bethesda displayed serious fire-power by releasing Fallout 3. The picture perfect post-apocalyptic setting of Washington D.C. engulfed the players for several weeks, months even. The action role-playing with heavy elements of first or third person shooters has one of the coolest stories ever, not just in the gaming universe.

Max Payne (2001)

Best personal computer games of all time

Photo: Remedy Entertainment

The video game equivalent of John McClane, the down on his luck detective Max Payne is one of the most important PC gaming characters ever, and his introduction to us remains his best iteration. The first Max Payne game introduced the gaming world to the bullet time, which gave the game intense entertainment value, unlike the third game in the series that was bounded by the repetitive cover-based system. The original mythos behind the noir story was the icing on the cake for a story which Hollywood incomprehensibly screwed up.

GTA V (2015)
best PC games ever

Photo: Rockstar North

Arguably the game that made the biggest splash on its release, even though the crossover to other devices happened pretty slowly. GTA V broke the gaming industry by earning a billion dollars in the first three days of its release on consoles, but it’s on PC where it reached its full potential. A modern masterpiece of electronic art, the game is as vast and as live as they come, with many of the mini-games inside that could be deserving of a place on the expanded version of best PC games of all time.