Meet Your New Favorite Woman on the Internet: Nikita Klæstrup

When is the last time you rushed to Instagram to find photos of hot politicians on Instagram? It never happens. Unless, that is, you happen to live in Denmark. Danes have known the voyeuristic pleasures of following rhetoric student at Copenhagen University and a conservative aspiring politician Nikita Klæstrup on Instagram since last year, when the 21-year-old because a Scandi sensation over the winter, largely due to her great looks. In 2015, Americans are starting to discover her on Instagram and Facebook thanks to large media outlets such as Playboy covering the (mostly) covered cutie who is a curiosity in the world of politics: a true stunner in the looks department.

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“It’s crazy that it’s come [this] far,” the brunette says of her newfound fame on Instagram, even in America. “I think it’s pretty funny, and I’m very flattered that Playboy writes about it….it is a very famous and recognized magazine” Klæstrup told Danish newspaper BT in March. To be clear, the student/politician/writer/blogger has never been naked officially in Playboy and seems to not seek out coverage just for her looks: the magazines just seem to find her (and find her irresistible). And with good reason! One quick glance at her IG feed is a parade of class, punctuated by the occasional jaw dropping half nude shot (or cute beach picture).

Is it wrong of us to tell you she has a boyfriend? She does. Her boyfriend is 13 years older Conservative parliamentary candidate Rune Kristensen. 

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