Meet Your New Favorite Woman on the Internet: Michelle Lou Lan

Apparently there’s more to yoga than stretching and exercises with silly names such as the “down dog” and the “rag doll.” In fact, it’s a whole lucrative industry now, with people falling over one another to wrap their legs around their heads and touch their noses with their toes. 

But suddenly, after being made aware of Mesh Yoga founder Michelle Lou Lan, we can see the appeal. Michelle has been teaching yoga since 2006, after her career as a dancer was brought to an end following an injury. Since then she’s taken her contortionist skills to everywhere from Shanghai to New York, teaching people the benefits of her own unique style of yoga, which is a more simplistic interpretation of various classic yogic methods that “focuses on the importance of alignment over everything and anything else.”

Michelle has now garnered a huge following online during her international exploits, attracting over 150,000 followers with images of her perfected yoga positions and snapshots of her on some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Take a look at some of her best photos in the gallery below: