WTF?! Kanye Actually Apologizes For Being a Dick to Beck?

Kanye Beck

Remember the Grammys a few months back, when Beck won Album of the Year and Kanye West acted like his typical buffoon-ass self? He pretended to pull an “I’ma let you finish” redux moment and interrupt Beck’s acceptance speech, and while he didn’t actually do that, he used the spotlight to rant about Beck’s need to “respect artistry” – and that the Grammy winner should give his award to Beyonce.

When asked about Kanye’s thoughts back in February, Beck told US Weekly, “He deserves to be on stage as much as anybody.”

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Real quick though, how the hell are we treating US Weekly as anything but a sickening tabloid rag packed with grotesque lies and defamatory statements? We’ve grown up laughing at their jaw-droppingly retarded headlines beaming on the racks, aimed at mouth-breathing simpleton dipshits in the checkout line at Walmart – but nobody with more sense than a Toby Keith fan would ever consider it reputable.

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 9.23.23 PM

Seriously, what the fuck? 

Anyway, rumors are heavily circulating that Kanye is finally admitting he was wrong about Beck to the Sunday Times, explaining that he’s seen the error of his ways. 

Seriously, is this real life? Since when does the homeless-fashion-pimping hobbit loving egomaniac asshole apologize to anyone? Let’s look at the replay, because this doesn’t sound right:

“I’m fine to apologize for inaccuracies,” he said. “You know, I send flowers for inaccuracies. I talked to Beck’s wife, and I think I had a point about Beyonce’s album, but I think I was inaccurate with the concept of a gentleman who plays 14 instruments not respecting artistry.”

Oops, never mind. That shit wasn’t an apology. Not one bit. 

He added, “Isn’t it amazing that people are so constantly shocked by the commonly agreed-in truth?”

Actually, that makes no goddamn sense. So no. It’s not amazing. What’s amazing is that Elon Musk actually gives a damn about this cat.