Meet Your New Favorite Woman on the Internet: Jessica Burciaga

When you hear of someone managing to garner 1.2 million followers on Instagram, and that person doesn’t have a Grammy, has never appeared in a blockbuster movie and, for all intents and purposes, isn’t much of a celebrity at all (not in the traditional “your grandma has heard of them” kind of way, at least), alarm bells start ringing. How has this individual managed to achieve this? What sorcery have they used to convince this extraordinary amount of people to take an interest in their lives? Then you see a photograph of said individual in a pair of hotpants, and suddenly it all becomes clear.

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Jessica Burciaga is a model who has made her home on the Internet (figuratively, not literally – living in the Internet would probably be uncomfortable and damaging to one’s mental well-being), bagging a fell of a lot of Instagram followers in the process. Starting her modeling career back in 2005 after sending a few images to Stuff magazine, she was promptly flown out to New York for a photoshoot before winning the mag’s “Neighborhood Knockout” contest, earning $5,000 and a 4-page spread in the process.

But now magazines are all but figments of our imagination, and so Jessica has made the smooth transition to the web and a lot of people (1,231,868 to be exact) are pretty happy about it. 

Along with modeling, Jessica also runs her own women’s clothing store – Sailor and Saint – and also worked as a Blackjack dealer at the Playboy club in Las Vegas.