Rolf Harris, Tony Abbott & Kyle Sandilands Named Australia’s Most Hated People


A new survey has found paedophile entertainer Rolf Harris, Prime Minister Tony Abbott and radio shock-jock Kyle Sandilands to be Australia’s three most hated people, with Sandilands falling two places in the unpopularity stakes after topping the same survey only two years ago.

As News Corp Australia reports, the latest Encore Score national survey by Pureprofile, which was commissioned by media and marketing company Focal Attractions, has ranked Australia’s 10 most hated and 10 most popular personalities after tallying the votes of 3000 people.

New additions to this year’s unlikeable list include My Kitchen Rules host and paleo diet advocate Pete Evans, as well as Blake Garvey, the man at the centre of Australia’s latest season of The Bachelor.

On the ‘most popular’ side of things, actor Hugh Jackman kept his top spot after showing Jimmy Fallon the real way to eat Vegemite, and is closely followed by fellow movie stars Cate Blanchett and Eric Bana

Pureprofile CEO Paul Chan says the Encore Score survey is about understanding what the public thinks about celebrity figures.

“The survey is used as a barometer for brands and marketers to gauge public sentiment around key public figures and the potential influence they have on consumers,” he says.

“Those at the top are either there because they’re the kinds of people you’d like to be friends with, like Anh Doh or Amanda Keller, or the people you want to be like, which is why Hugh Jackman and Cate Blanchett are fun favourites. They embody talent, success and style, but they’re humble and human with it, and consumers can relate to that.”

View the full most hated and most popular top-ten lists, below, and for more anti-Abbott vibes, catch Russell Brand’s five best Tony Abbott burns.

Australia’s Least Favourite People (2015 Pureprofile Survey)

1. Rolf Harris

2. Tony Abbott

3. Kyle Sandilands

4. Joe Hockey

5. Clive Palmer

6. Pauline Hanson

7. Ben Cousins

8. Tom Waterhouse

9. Brynne Edelsten

10. Lara Bingle

Australia’s Favourite People (2015 Pureprofile Survey)

1. Hugh Jackman

2. Cate Blanchett

3. Eric Bana

4. Olivia Newton John

5. Anh Do

6. Hamish Blake

7. Rebecca Gibney

8. Amanda Keller

9. Nicole Kidman

10. Simon Baker