Earl Sweatshirt Lashes Out At Odd Future Fans, Has “No Sympathy For Male Virgins”


Earl Sweatshirt live at Laneway Festival Brisbane / Photo: Charlyn Cameron

Odd Future founding member Earl Sweatshirt has followed on from head honcho Tyler The Creator’s announcement that the rap group is no more, with his own spray of tweets, taking aim at OFWGKTA fans who have been having a bit of a whinge.

Known almost as much for its power of immediacy as it is as a venue for voicing butt hurt fee-fees, Twitter came alive following Tyler’s statement that Odd Future was “no more”, with many fans combining the cry-face emoji with some serious vitriol, despite there being no official Odd Future releases in a long, long time. Tyler himself called the news of the group’s demise obvious, later tweeting that it was a “BIG AS FUCK” elephant in the room.

Seemingly both confirming the news and returning serve to the volley of Twitter outcry, Earl Sweatshirt has now joined in, calling Odd Future fans “male virgins” and telling them to get over it and “STOP DRESSING LIKE EASTER BASKETS”.

 Ooof, heavy words from one of dudes whose own candy-coloured clothing inspired an entire fan group to wear knee-length socks, chino shorts and oversized baseball caps. Although we do have to agree that some Twitter jerkwads wielding their keyboards to scream bloody murder just because their favourite rap collective is no more, probably should get outside and talk to girls a bit more. 

Just, maybe don’t call them bitches, yeah?

TRUSMEDADY aka Earl Sweatshirt will be hitting Australia in a couple of months for this year’s Splendour in the Grass festival and a slew of sideshows, grab all the deets here



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