Most Craved: Jonny Quest, Stephen King’s It and Guest Star Ethan Embry


It’s Thursday, and you know what that means: Most Craved! Every week, hosts William Bibbiani (CraveOnline), Jenna Busch (Legion of Leia) and Silas Lesnick (ComingSoon) cover all the biggest entertainment news stories on the internet, and this week they’re joined by Ethan Embry (Empire RecordsCan’t Hardly Wait), who shares his opinions about the fate of Stephen King’s IT, Robert Rodriguez signing up to direct Jonny Quest and the increasingly pervasive theory that superhero movies have too many superheroes in them.

Ethan Embry also stars in Echoes of War, which is now available on iTunes and hits DVD on July 7, 2015. Check it out!

‘Stephen King’s IT’ Loses Director, Falls Apart

Pennywise The Clown Tim Curry Stephen King It Will Poulter

With only three weeks to go before production, the latest adaptation of Stephen King’s classic horror novel IT has ceased production. Director Cary Fukunaga (True Detective) has left the film, and Stephen King himself says the two-film project is “dead.” Did the world really need more scary clowns anyway? Did the relatively disappointing box office returns of Poltergeist have anything to do with this development? And how close did Ethan Embry come to starring in the original TV mini-series that traumatized an entire generation of children?


Are Too Many Superheroes in Too Many Movies?

Avengers Age of Ultron Marvel Movies Marvel Superhero Movies Comic Book Movies

With practically the entire cast of The Avengers returning for Captain America: Civil War, and Warner Bros. shoving every superhero possible into Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, are our superhero movies getting overstuffed with good guys? Will there be any room to actually tell a good story with so many stars vying for screen time, and if there is room to tell a good story, is it practically a guarantee that someone’s favorite hero will get the short shrift?


Robert Rodriguez Will Direct a Live-Action ‘Jonny Quest’

Jonny Quest

Independent filmmaking maestro Robert Rodriguez has signed up to direct a studio film for the first time in many years, and it’s an adaptation of the cult hit cartoon series Jonny Quest! But does anybody still care about Jonny QuestDidn’t the popularity of the satirical series The Venture Bros. kind of ruin the original show for a whole new generation of fans? And what does this development say about the career of Robert Rodriguez, who has spent the better part of the 21st Century rebelliously shying away from just this kind of production?

Most Craved Stephen Kings It Jonny Quest Ethan Embry 

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