Meet Your New Favorite Woman on the Internet: Anastasia Ashley

Anastasia Ashley is perhaps the physical embodiment of the ethereal, sun-kissed surfer girl, whose tousled blonde hair you’d imagine permanently smells of sea salt, and who would take you onto the waves of Black Beach for a first date only for you to embarrass yourself completely by being too frightened to hop onto your board, instead floating gently along the sea while she splashes water in your face with a round house cutback. 

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Along with being a professional surfer, the Southern California native is pretty good at the whole social networking thing, racking up over 800,000 followers thanks to the myriad of photos of her in a bikini standing in or around the sea. While we’re not proficient enough at surfboarding to adequately comment on her skills on the waves, we’ve seen enough Instagram photos in our time to objectively state that hers are very good indeed.

Oh, and if you’re thinking “Hey, I recognize her!” then you might be familiar with the video of her “twerking warm-up dance routine” that went viral a couple of years ago. We’d suggest you watch it, but also that you mute the volume on your speakers so you don’t have to subject yourself to that fucking awful Major Lazer butts song. 2013 was a weird year for music.

Check out some of Anastasia Ashley’s very best snapshots below: