Sasquatch 2015 Recap & Photos: St. Paul & The Broken Bones Get Godly

We were having ourselves a fine Sunday afternoon at Sasquatch 2015, enjoying a nice comedown haze from the previous night’s insane festivities. Then a pasty, fat white dude showed up on the Bigfoot stage and took us to church, in ways that silly Hozier bitch couldn’t dream. Meet St. Paul & The Broken Bones. Paul Janeway led the procession, better known as St. Paul, a man possessed by the Spirit as well as the infectiously good soul jams of his backing band The Broken Bones. 

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 Straight outta Birmingham, the group’s debut album From The City was sampled heavily through a raucously good revival session in the Sunday sunshine. “Like a Mighty River,” “Don’t Mean a Thing,” and “I’m Torn Up” were fantastically well received through a retro-soul, gospel-spiked lens. Check out a full gallery from the performance below.

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All photos: Johnny Firecloud