Sasquatch 2015 Recap & Photos: Chromeo’s Party-By-Numbers Formula Still Works Wonders

Chromeo packed crowds to the back of the main floor and on up to the very top of the hill at Sasquatch 2015, full of fans dancing their almighty asses off. The pre-Chromeo tension in the air was telling: anxious crowd shuffling, overenthusiastic dancing to PA intermission music, and random hip-grinding at every turn was a recipe for only one thing: Mollytime. 

Chemical Dance Party: Sasquatch’s EDM Culture Shift

Forget the Bud Light branded side stages, the ambiguously flaccid Jack Daniels display by the Bigfoot stage. If there were a brand for molly/ecstasy/MDMA, it would be the dominant stamp of the entire Sasquatch experience from late afternoon onward. You can fight the brand all you like, but the culture trend is undeniable. It is driving the entire economic infrastructure of the festival circuit.

Chromeo’s set is entirely the same as every set you’ve seen since White Women was released last year. But it’s a formula that works, and they’re clearly in no hurry to stop the party. Check out a gallery from their performance below.