Introducing Maszer: Listen to the Haunting Passion of ‘Fata Mirage’ (Exclusive Premiere)

maszer group shot

We do a great many exclusive premieres here in the musical corner of Crave, and while we get a kick out of throwing curveballs your way, it’s a particular pride point to offer a megaphone to artists we love and believe in. Such is the case with today’s exclusive track premiere from our dear friends Maszer, who offer up the haunting passion-rally of “Fata Mirage”.

A runaway of the vibrant music scene of Tel Aviv, David T. Rapaport (aka STITCX) arrived to the US ten years ago, and cut his teeth in America as he toured relentlessly with his band The Mother’s Anger (Dionysus Records). There have been endless miracles on his journey: His debut album was produced by Mike Davis of the legendary MC5. The sophomore, “Sniper” by Seattle mastermind Jack Endino and Dan Hoal. Ben Shepherd from Soundgarden was a guest bassist on the third release, “Escaping Revolution,” which is based on a book written by Rapaport.

In the last three years David, along with drummer Joseph Braley, took on world tours, opening for Black Sabbath and Pixies as well as playing major festivals and shows all over the world with Reignwolf. Inspired by those years of musical excitement, David has spent the past six months in his studio writing over a hundred songs in preparation for the next musical leaping point. Teaming with long time friend and captivating Seattle based singer Katie Blackstock, the trio have dubbed themselves Maszer.

The name means ‘tithing’ in Hebrew, and is far from a cast-off name; it’s a principle for operation as a creative entity. The band is committed to donating at least 10% of its profits specifically to fellow bands and artists, as a means of uplifting those in their orbit.

Check out the haunting captivity of “Fata Mirage” below! 

If you’re in SoCal, the band is playing a show this Saturday, May 9th at the Casbah in San Diego, with Reason to Rebel and Dead feathered Moon.

Keep up with Maszer on Facebook, Soundcloud and Bandcamp (where you can download the track).