Coachella Photos: Interpol Uninspire on Day One

As we saw on Day One of Coachella 2015 on Friday, New York broodrockers Interpol continue to ride the good looks and monotone-vocal of frontman Paul Banks, but their live presence leaves a great deal to be desired. Pulling heavily from their latest album El Pintor, the band damn near put us to sleep as we positioned ourselves for good viewing of AC/DC, who would follow Tame Impala to close out the night.

We wanted to love it, but the gravity just. wasn’t. there. Besides, there was no sense being bummed about it – our experience was tantamount to being disappointed in the bread before a killer 20 course meal, as delivered by the reigning rock-veteran gods AC/DC. No matter the case, check out a full photo gallery from Interpol’s performance below: 


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