A Progression Halting “Lunarium Key” Bug in Bloodborne Will Be Fixed By v1.02 Update

I’ve just received word from Sony that there’s a major bug in Bloodborne that some players are experiencing. It occurs about 50% through the game when visiting Byrgenwerth. If players ascend to the top of the area’s building to open the chest containing a “Lunarium Key”, sometimes it doesn’t appear. This key is necessary for opening a door, unlocking a mandatory boss on the other side.

To trigger the bug, the player must make themselves available to be summoned using a Small Resonant Bell or Sinister Resonant Bell in Forbidden Woods, the area that precedes Byrgenwerth. So, avoid doing so if you want to progress properly. If you’ve already encountered the issue, there’s currently no known fix, so Sony asks for your patience as it conjures a patch.

The fix will be included in a v1.02 update due to release next week. No estimated release day has been announced, and it’s likely that the patch will include some other quality of life improvements.

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It’s worth noting that the v1.02 update will not include the highly anticipated performance improvements, which will most notably include a reduction in loading times. This is considered the most widely requested item by players since Bloodborne‘s loading times can exceed the 40 second mark.

The interesting thing is that Sony states that the issue was caught via external reports by users on Reddit and GameFAQs. So, if you ever have an issue in Bloodborne, be sure to share it on these sites as it appears Sony is paying attention to them.


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