Here’s the Best and Safest Way to Farm Blood Vials in Bloodborne


Are you running out of Bloodborne blood vials? You aren’t alone. Since these potions don’t replenish, and don’t drop often enough from regular enemies during the latter half of the game, it’s common to find yourself facing a boss without a full supply of Blood Vials.

But engaging in combat without a full supply puts you at a disadvantage. So, you’re going to need to farm for Blood Vials. You’ve come to the right place because I have a farming route that is not only simple and fast, but provides around 10 to 14 Blood Vials in around eight minutes. I used this farming method throughout the entirety of the game and never felt that it became irrelevant.

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A quick note: in order to use this guide you need to have defeated Father Gascoigne, the second boss. If you have, let’s get started, shall we?

Bloodborne Blood Vials Farming Route

1. Teleport to the Great Bridge where you fought the Cleric Beast. Move forward and kill the Brick Troll. You can ignore the Carrion Crows. Proceed to the right where the building entrance is. Kill the Hunter Mob at the entrance before heading inside.

2. Clear the second floor and then the first floor of this dark building. You may want to equip your Torch for visibility. On the first floor you’ll find a Wheelchair Mob. Kill him to get four Quicksilver Bullets. Then, exit out the building’s entrance that goes toward the Central Yharnam lantern (left).

3. Go down the stairs to your right to face the two Trolls. Try to pull one at a time to be safe as you don’t want to use any Blood Vials during this farming run for efficiency’s sake. Using your firearm to stun them mid-swing is highly effective.

4. Proceed into the elevator room and go down the elevator before heading onto the bridge.

5. Pull the enemies on the bridge and try to keep them occupied for a few moments before the Troll pushes the flaming boulder down the bridge path. Then, enter one of the safe zones on either side of the bridge and watch the enemies get destroyed. Clean up anyone left, and then take on the Troll along with the Shield Mob.

6. Head up the stairs and begin walking to surprise attack the two Scythe Trolls. These two enemies are quite difficult, so play it safe until you get a good strategy against them.

7. Head up the stairs to where you battled Father Gascoigne. Teleport back to Hunter’s Dream.

Congratulations, you just earned around 3,000 Blood Echoes and roughly 12 Blood Vials!

If you find yourself burned out on this farming method, you may opt to do a full run of Central Yharnam that incorporates the city square where the Hunter Mobs are burning the creature. Though, it isn’t as efficient since it only introduces one additional Troll, the best source of Bloodborne blood vials.


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