HTC is Co-Operating with Valve Over New Half-Life Game

Do you want rumors? Because this is how you get rumors.

HTC chairwoman Chen Wang has spoken of the company’s upcoming virtual reality headset the HTC Vive, which has been created in partnership with Half-Life developer Valve and is designed specifically for PC, revealing that she “hopes” a new Half-Life game will be made available for the headset. In fact, Wang has stated that the company is “co-operating” with Valve regarding a potential new game in the series.

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Before we get carried away here, let’s briefly remind ourselves that Valve also sent a beta version of Half-Life 2 to the team over at Oculus, in order to test run a version of the game using the Oculus Rift VR headset. This could therefore mean that the discussion taking place between Valve and HTC is to bring a remade version of either the original game or its sequel to the HTC Vive.

With Valve actively partnering with HTC in the creation of the Vive, though, the company would certainly have a lot more invested in the tech and therefore a new release in the Half-Life series making use of the headset would drive up those sales numbers.

In summary, yes, this is yet another rumor pertaining to a new Half-Life game, but at least this one actually has some credibility.