PS4 Owners Buy the Console for its Power, Xbox One Owners for the Brand and Wii U for the Fun


A survey has been conducted in order to deduce why people own the current-gen consoles that they do, with it returning some surprising results.

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The survey, conducted by Nielsen as part of its 360 Degree Gaming Report, revealed the following regarding why consumers purchased either the PS4, Xbox One or Wii U, in order of most votes.


  1. Better resolution
  2. Blu-ray player
  3. Game library
  4. Faster processing power
  5. What the family wants

Xbox One

  1. The Xbox brand
  2. Innovative features
  3. Faster processing power
  4. Exclusive games/content
  5. Fun-factor

Wii U

  1. Fun-factor
  2. Better for kids
  3. Price/value
  4. Backwards compatibility
  5. Exclusive games/content

Judging from this survey, it seems that the success of the Xbox 360 has helped the Xbox One in terms of sales, while the power of the PlayStation brand seemingly had little impact upon the PS4’s sales. It also seems that the PS4’s “fun-factor” didn’t factor in to the surveyed consumers’ purchasing of the console, while it was a big reason why they owned a Wii U.

The Xbox One’s “innovation” was also a major boon for Microsoft, suggesting that its Kinect implementation may have initially helped it get its foot in the door of a few households. The same could not be said for the Wii U, with its touchscreen controller seemingly having no impact upon its sales with those surveyed.