343 Industries Still Struggling with Halo: The Master Chief Collection as Beta for Update is Canned


With Driveclub up and running following its own terrible launch, Halo: The Master Chief Collection will now surely go down as the game which experienced the worst launch of 2014 (and some might argue of all time). The game is still not in what could be deemed a playable state, with prominent issues preventing players from enjoying the game that developer 343 Industries promised them. Now a planned beta run for an upcoming update has been canceled due to time constraints, leading many to worry that 343 will never get the game working in the way that it should.

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A beta run for an update is certainly an unusual tactic, but considering the sorry state that Halo: MCC has been in since launch, it was at least reassuring to know that 343 were putting in the time in order to potentially rectify its myriad of problems. However, 343 has now canceled the public beta, which would have seen the game’s community able to trial it on a large scale in order to determine whether or not the upcoming update for the game would sufficiently solve its problems.

343 has now revealed that they will be handling the update “internally” which, given how they’ve handled the rest of the game, shouldn’t exactly imbue players with much hope.

A statement from 343 on Halo Waypoint reads: 

“After further evaluation, the team has determined that final testing for the content update will be completed internally, and we will not be conducting a beta test for the next CU. Also, it was determined that the additional time and work devoted to the beta would’ve actually postponed the public availability of the content update. Lastly, there were some added challenges surrounding the CU beta – including an extra series of required updates and rollbacks – that made us take a step back and reexamine the CU beta. Ultimately, this plan will allow us to deliver the smoothest possible experience, and ensure that the next content update becomes available as soon as possible.

Progress on the CU continues, and we’ll work to provide an ETA once the final date is locked. As stated last week, our current focus and priority remains delivering the upcoming improvements to the matchmaking and party systems, but the team is also working on and prioritizing additional items beyond this, and I look forward to discussing these – a lot more – as we get closer to those updates.”

Of course, this upcoming update from 343 could solve The Master Chief Collection‘s problems, but it’s difficult to not remain skeptical, especially when it won’t even be given a test run on the game’s public servers. 

If the update proves to be successful it will certainly please those who already own the game, but won’t do much to clear the bad taste out of the mouths who have had the game since launch and have struggled with its endless issues. Hopefully the same won’t be said for Halo 5: Guardians.