Halo 5 Xbox One X Enhancements Showcase the Power and Potential

Halo 5 was already a gorgeous looking game when running on Xbox One. However, when the AAA Microsoft exclusive runs on the new Xbox One X, things are given a serious boost!

Halo 5 Xbox One X enhancements include rendering the game in 4K and using high resolution textures. Those using HDR compatible displays will also see significant benefits.

The video below offers a great comparison between Halo 5 running on both Xbox One and Xbox One X.

I think that shows the real power of Xbox One X, in its ability to make already released titles look even better. Of course, it also demonstrates the potential, with future releases built with the system in mind. Things can only get better, but this starting point sure is impressive.

The Xbox One X launches November 7. You can find a list of the other Xbox One X enhanced titles here.