Exclusive: Torche Fight Killer Robots in Video Game ‘Restarter’ Album Promo


Miami’s veteran metal monsters Torche return on Feb. 24th with Restarter, their first album through via Relapse Records, and to make the anticipation for the new music and label pairing more exciting, the label has created a Torche video game to get fans in the action! Fans might remember that the label did a kickass Red Fang video as well, and are expanding multimedia promotion by engaging fans in unique ways.

In the game, the city has been overrun by bloodthirsty robots (just go with it), and humanity’s only chance for survival  are the members of Torche and their blasters. Convenient! The game features music from Restarter, which you can hear more of in the album’s pre-order page. Collect the orbs, annihilate the robots and save the city before it’s too late!

Use keyboard shortcuts to play, such as arrows to run, jump and crouch and S to shoot.


Torche are offering fans the chance to win prizes for beating the game in the fastest time!  


-Play the new Torche video game at torchevsrobots.com 

-Upload a video of you beating the game to youtube and share it online with the hashtag #torchevsrobots 


-Fans with fastest winning times for each band member will be selected to win a sweet Torche prize pack including:

-The new album ‘Restarter’ on vinyl 

-Torche T-Shirt 

-2 tickets to see Torche on tour 

-Torche stickers 

Here’s another taste of Restarter – have a listen to Torche’s “Loose Men” below via Soundcloud: 


Keep up with Torche on their official site, where you can pre-order Restarter and check out tour dates, as well as on Facebook.