TuneCore Live Artist Breakdown: Olivver The Kid, Hudson & Nightmare Boy

Crave is excited for Wednesday’s live launch event of the TuneCore Live series, hosted by online music distribution service TuneCore and Swisher Sweets. The service, which offers musicians and artists the invaluable opportunity to market their music into online retailers such as iTunes, Amazon and Spotify while keeping all their rights and royalties, is sponsored by CraveOnline in an ongoing partnership. A crucial component to the success of any artist, TuneCore helps rights holders maintain control over their work while eliminating the costly middlemen factor.

The TuneCore Live launch event — taking place at Bardot in Hollywood on Vine — will feature live performances by The Neighbourhood alum Olivver The Kid, as well as SoCal rockers Hudson and Nightmare Boy, whose credits you might recognize from Lana Del Rey’s Ultraviolence album. Additionally, the event will feature DJ sets by Tron Stamos and Konstantsurprises.

Dig into more info on the artists on the bill below, and sample some of the music fans can look forward to at the TuneCore Live launch event!


Olivver The Kid 

Bryan Sammis has been highly active since his departure from The Neighbourhood in 2013, as he has established himself as first “Olivver” and now “Olivver the Kid”. With a new sonic horizon before him, Bryan’s focus is more on synths and brood-pop rather than rock, and he’s all the better for it.

Stream Olivver the Kid’s long-awaited debut EP Freak on Spotify and pick it up on iTunes if you’re so inclined. In the meantime, check out the dream-funk danceability of “Attica ’71” below:



Los Angeles avant-garde rock quartet Hudson are dedicated and passionate about making their mark in the world, with a relentless work ethic and a promising evolution of sound underway. With shows selling out at an accelerating pace, rock fans would be wise to keep an ear on these cats. Their In The Unknown EP is available now on iTunes, and below you can listen to the whiskey-soaked slow-burn groove of “Weightless”:


Nightmare Boy

Aching beauty, poignant power and golden vocals define the delicate greatness that is Nightmare Boy. Listen below, and follow his Twitter and Facebook accounts closely for a new video, coming soon. 

Follow Tron Stamos on Twitter and Instagram, and find more on Konstantsurprises on Twitter and official site.

TuneCore is sweetening their event promo by offering one winner a FREE One-Year Album or Single TuneCore Music Distribution subscription. Get your songs heard and sell your music worldwide on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and more through TuneCore’s service, and keep 100% of your sales revenue. Find out more here.


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