AR Revolution: 5 Gaming Applications Where HoloLens Could Be Awesome


Out of everything Microsoft unveiled at its Windows 10 Event this week, there’s nothing more widely discussed than the HoloLens. For a long time augmented reality has been regarded as a dead-end technology, but Microsoft’s presentation on January 21st showed that there’s untapped potential that could shake the future of technology as we know it.

The HoloLens is capable of many things, one of which is enhancing the gaming experience. With this in mind, we got to thinking about where it could best be applied. There are thousands of games that come out every year, many of which simply have no reason to support augmented reality. But those that do could benefit in big ways.

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We have five examples of where HoloLens would fit well into the framework of modern gaming. You can read about them in the gallery below.