Microsoft HoloLens Lets You Experience ‘Warcraft’ in Augmented Reality

Microsoft HoloLens and Legendary Entertainment have embarked upon a brand new partnership, which will allow the film production company’s properties to be displayed in augmented reality using the headset.

The new partnership will see Legendary properties such as Warcraft and Pacific Rim make the transition to AR, with HoloLens users able to “interact” with both films’ characters by way of the technology. A demonstration of this was made available to Warcraft fans at the film’s Hollywood premiere, allowing them to “meet” a hologram of the Orc character Orgrim Doomhammer.

Microsoft claim that “life-sized holograms of CG-created characters” can be made using 3D data, with them motion-capturing actors in a holographic video capture studio using dozens of synchronized RGB and infrared cameras on a calibrated green-screen stage. The end result allows the user to see and interact with these characters in augmented reality.

Legendary Entertainment has been hard at work investing in both virtual and augmented reality technology, with the company having previously threw the hat in the ring during an investment round for the Google-backed Magic Leap project. It seems that the company is looking towards VR and AR as the future of the industry, and if the finished product of their collaboration with Microsoft looks anything like the tech demonstrations we’ve witnessed, then we’d be inclined to believe them.

Check out the likes of Warcraft and Pacific Rim in action in AR below: