13 Times The Razzies Got It Wrong

The nominations for The 35th Annual Golden Raspberry Awards (a.k.a. “The Razzies”) are in, and this time they’re a little bit different. The Razzies have introduced an all-new category – The Razzie Redeemer Award – which would honor the former winner/nominee who turned their career around since getting singled out by the awards body for doing terrible work.

While we applaud the Razzies for adding a hint of positivity to their otherwise cynical yearly awards, it’s important to point out that the Razzie Redeemer Award is still a swipe at the nominees. “You used to suck,” they seem to say. “And now you don’t.”

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But what about the Razzies themselves? Like every awards body their history is filled with “winners” which don’t feel right in retrospect. Just like when the Oscars snubbed Citizen Kane for How Green Was My Valley, or The Social Network in favor of The King’s Speech, we think there are plenty of examples of when the Razzies picked the films that were simply popular at the time (or rather, popular to hate), instead of the actual worst motion pictures or performances that were nominated.

So here are CraveOnline’s picks for The 13 Times The Razzies Got It Wrong. We’re going to stick our necks out for some serious underdogs here, not necessarily because they were great (although some of them were perfectly decent), but because their fellow nominees were so very much worse.

The 13 Times The Razzies Got It Wrong:

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