Lizard Squad Member Vinnie Omari Arrested After Christmas DDoS Attacks


A 22-year old male that goes by the alias ‘Twickenham’ has just been arrested following a raid on his home in Thames Valley, U.K. Officials claim that he had been stealing funds from PayPal accounts for more than a year.

The Thames Valley Police Department released the following statement following the arrest:

The arrest yesterday (30/12) is in connection with an ongoing investigation in to cyber fraud offences which took place between 2013 and August 2014 during which victims reported funds being stolen from their PayPal accounts.

What makes this arrest particularly interesting is that the name of the arrested individual lines up with one of the names listed on KrebsOnSecurity‘s report including members of the DDoS group Lizard Squad. The individual in question’s name is Vinnie Omari, a man who has referred to himself as a “computer security analyst” when speaking to reporters.

Previously, no members of Lizard Squad have been arrested. However, the FBI has confirmed its investigation of the group after costly attacks during the week of Christmas that rendered Xbox Live and PlayStation Network nearly inoperable during the most important days of the year.

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Members of Lizard Squad have said that they attack online gaming networks for the “lolz”. While they might be laughing now, the damage they have imposed has made them the target of a criminal investigation that could land them in prison for more than 10 years.