These Videos Show How Impressive Driveclub’s Weather Is


Driveclub‘s long-awaited weather update arrived today. While many expected it to be a great addition to the game, it has done more than expected. It has added variety to a game that previously struggled with longevity, in addition to making it the game with the best weather effects in video game history.

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There are several videos of Driveclub‘s weather that have made their way to YouTube. Below you’ll find some of the best so far. These videos show how profound the game’s 1.08 update really is.


Snow in Norway Pushes the Mazzanti Evantra

This video demonstrates what it’s like to race a 701 horsepower supercar in a frigid environment. You can feel the cold of the small drops of snow as they pepper your windshield, and are transformed into mist by the friction of tires grabbing the road.


Rain Makes Driving the Pagani Huayra Challenging

In this video you can see how dense the rain is when in full effect. Not only does it significantly reduce visibility, but it makes traction a serious concern, just like in real life. It’s a good idea to hit earlier brake points and drive more conservatively in these circumstances.


A Storm Strikes Scotland

Aston Martin is one of my favorite car manufacturers, and this video shows a One-77 combating the rigors of moderate rain in Scotland. It’s a downright gorgeous sight.


Night Meets Rain in Chile

The Gumpert Apollo is a handful, especially when the sun sets and rain begins to soil the asphalt. This car struggles to stay on the road, either because the drive is distracted by the visuals, or finds trouble managing traction.


Canada is No Stranger to Rain

This video shows a McLaren P1 battling during intense rain in BC Canada. The car’s 903 horsepower powertrain isn’t a good match for these conditions.