Shit We’re Sick Of: The Swift/Spotify Wars, Dave Grohl, Fake Led Zeppelin Stories & More

Taylor Swift Dave Grohl

Enough already. We’re closing in on the end of 2014, and gleefully drowning in hyperbole while going all-in on the internet’s version of the telephone game, where facts and quotes transform with alarming fluidity as information makes its way around the digital table and into our heads. But this shit has gotten out of control, and our obsession with beating the same horse into a puddle of TMZ-brand glue is now bordering on fetishism.

Dave Grohl Trashes Full-Album Nostalgia Concerts

Below are five of the week’s worst offenders – the stories and celebrities we need to collectively put in a box and forget about, at least until the pendulum of hysteria swings back to center. And you wonder why we can’t have nice things.