Noel Gallagher vs. Gary Neville: The Manchester United/City Fans Go Head-to-Head

Long-time Manchester City fan Noel Gallagher and former Manchester United star turned pundit Gary Neville went head-to-head in an interview for Sky Sports, discussing their respective clubs and taking a few pop shots at each in the process.

The former Oasis songwriter and current solo artist discusses his opinion of the “new”, more successful City in the interview, along with revealing that Oasis was once asked to invest in the club back in the band’s ’90s heyday. However, Gallagher stated that he turned the offer down as he prefers simply being a fan.

The interview was held before Sunday’s Manchester derby, in which City defeated United 1-0, with Noel predicting that the game would end in a draw as the teams weren’t “capable of beating each other”. Sounds like he would’ve been pleasantly surprised on the weekend, then.

Watch the interview below, which also includes a rare Gallagher endorsement of Neville and Jamie Carragher’s hosting of Sky Sports’ Monday Night Football:


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