Rumor: Guitar Hero is Returning to PS4 and Xbox One, Will Feature Live Crowds



The once hugely popular series Guitar Hero is reportedly set to make a return on the PS4 and Xbox One, and will feature live crowd scenes in order to make players feel like bona fide rock gods (only without the musical talent).

A source who lives close to the venue where alleged recording for the game is taking place told PSU: “For weeks there’s been ‘extras’ going in. One of the extras finally told me what was going on.

“Basically for weeks they’ve been recording live crowds for all songs on the next Guitar Hero. Today all the extras are being dressed up all emo-style for one of the songs.”


The game has yet to be officially announced, though considering the series has been in hibernation for a while now now it is certainly time for a comeback. The most popular game in the series, Guitar Hero 3, shifted over 2 million units back in the series’ glory days, spawning the creation of the Rock Band series until the music genre all but disappeared. The popularity of the game was even parodied by South Park, who poked fun at the lack of real musical skill required to play the game.

The game, which would be the sixth entry in the main series though, let’s face it, would probably simply be called Guitar Hero rather than Guitar Hero 6, is rumored to be released at some point in 2015 for current-gen consoles. As a fan of the series before it slipped away into obscurity, I really hope these rumors are true.