“DANGER” Davon Smith – Boxing Debut


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The professional debut for Davon Smith is a long time coming.  I first met Davon back in 1998 when he was just 8yrs old at LA Boxing Club.  His mother Denise and father Dave would bring Davon and three of his cousins to the gym every week.  On Davon’s first day in the gym our trainer Kevin Morgan put him in the ring with a Latino kid about 9yrs old and with more experience then Davon.  The little kid was as nervous as can be but got in the ring anyway.  Watching this little kid who started crying while he was fighting is a vivid memory.  Davon started tearing up not knowing what to do with all the new emotions that come with fighting in the squared circle and at that moment Morgan said ” go right hand crazy” and Davon unleashed a series of about ten right hands that kept his opponent in the corner for what was to be the last round of a three round fight.


Davon was a good kid.  Bright eyed and well reserved with a shy innocence that’s still present to this day.   I only heard one story of Davon getting into trouble over the years and as it turned out it was the kid that tried to bully him when he was 15yrs old that ended up in a heap of trouble.  Apparently since some of the kids in school knew that Davon was an amateur fighter a particular bully tried to target Davon and bait him into a fight.  Davon declined and when about his business during the school nutrition period until the bully decided that a confrontation was inevitable and made the fateful decision to spill orange juice on Davon’s head in the school cafeteria.   Davon’s friends that were present said it was over pretty fast with the bully on his way to the hospital and Davon nursing a swollen left hand.  His cousin said it was five shots in about three seconds that ended up being the bullies demise.


Smith has been in a boxing gym training since 1998 because his father had a love for the sport of boxing. After feeling he did not get fair shakes in his first five amateur bouts, Smith left boxing for five years. When he returned at 17 years of age, he went on a long winning steak that spanned over 50 bouts. While spending almost all of his time in the gym, Smith had time to train in the California Conservation Corps for one year and would like to become a reserve fire fighter after his boxing career is over. But he intends to become the #1 pound-for-pound fighter in the world first. And it all starts at Hollywood Fight Night October 30th.

We’ll make sure to add an update on the outcome of “DANGER’S” pro debut.  Stay tuned.

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