The ‘Bigger Picture’ Behind Iconic Album Covers

The nuanced art of an album cover has been all but lost to streamlined commercialization and evolving media formats, but a few musicians and artists are keeping the innovation train rolling. 

Remembering the days when CDs and vinyl album covers were an enormous bonus to the music itself, Aptitude has taken a new spin on album cover improvements by offering a ‘bigger picture’ perspective on some classic album covers, from Michael Jackson toe Justin Bieber and beyond.

“In this digital age, buying an album has become less about buying a physical package to buying a digital version out of convenience,” the site states. “So in honour of a once coveted industry standard, we take a look at some of the most iconic album covers over the years and put our own spin on them by revealing ‘the bigger picture’.”

You may not ever look at Adele or Bruce Springsteen the same way again…



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