Eminem Was Bored with Destiny, so He Bought a Wii U

Marshall Wii U

Anyone who’s ever listened to Marshall Mathers’ music knows he’s an intelligent and incredibly talented guy, but his gaming tastes have never been made public as far as I know — until today. According to tweets collected by MyNintendoNews, Eminem has given up on Destiny and gone back to his Nintendo roots by buying–you guessed it–a Wii U.

The tweets are mainly those of listeners to a program called Shade45 on SiriusrXM radio, whose host claims that Eminem “was so bored of Destiny that he went out and bought a Wii U.” While the claims may not be officially sanctioned by Eminem himself, multiple listeners are reporting the same exact findings. In other words, something along these lines must have occurred with Marshall and his gaming habits, whether the Destiny hate is exaggerated or not.

You can check out a few of the tweets below.

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We’ll have to wait and see if Eminem steps up and confirms these claims, but hey, every man is entitled to some old-fashioned Nintendo fun once in a while, right? If he does jump into the Super Smash Bros. game, you can bet players will be scouring the web day and night in search of his Miiverse profile and online credentials.

Shall we place bets on who Eminem calls his main? My money’s on Jigglypuff.