Penthouse Music History: Dylan’s Backstage Drama, Janis Joplin’s Hash-Brownie Funeral & More


We’re back! CraveOnline and Penthouse return today with the next installment of our long-running Music History series, recounting lesser-known stories and musical trivia from years past with one of the most gorgeous Penthouse Pets of all time, Jelena Jensen

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For the week of Oct. 15th, we look back at some of the less fortunate iconic moments from this day through the years with the classy and breathtakingly gorgeous Penthouse Pet Jelena Jensen, adored queen of the adult entertainment world and on-air personality. Check out the clip below for a look back at the time Bob Dylan was kicked out of his own show, the Rolling Stones’ pivotal moment on the Ed Sullivan show and Janis Joplin’s psychedelically adventurous funeral. 


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