WWE 2K15 Closely Follows NBA 2K Series with MyCareer Mode

Good news, WWE fans: WWE 2K15 developer 2K is going to be borrowing heavily from the fantastic single-player mode in its NBA series in the upcoming pro wrestling game.

WWE 2K15 is set to also boast a MyCareer mode, the name of the solo campaign featured in the basketball franchise, and has released more details regarding what fans can expect from it. 

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According to IGN, players will create a WWE Superstar using the series’ typically comprehensive creation suite, before climbing the ladder to the WWE and the Grandest Stage of Them All, WrestleMania.

Players will be begin in the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, under the guidance of its head coach Bill DeMott. Fans will likely recognize Demott from the WWE’s reality TV show Tough Enough, where he featured as a trainer.

From the Performance Center you will enter NXT, the next stage to make it to the WWE. NXT is famous for developing young talent such as Adrian Neville, Rusev and Bo Dallas, who are all confirmed to feature in this portion of the game alongside Sami Zayn and Corey Graves. You’ll need to battle to win fan and trainer support in this segment of the mode, before eventually making it to the WWE itself.

You’ll be guided to the WWE by Vickie Guerrero, who has not long left her position at WWE in reality but will serve as a manager of sorts in the game. 2K has also confirmed that you will be able to acquire new managers, along with being able to explore branching story paths which will add replayability to the game.

As a fan of WWE, this mode sounds like everything I’ve been wanting out of a single-player mode in a WWE game for years now. 2K has a great pedigree of introducing competent stories into its sports game, so hopefully WWE 2K15 follows suit.


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