Lizard Squad DDoS Brings Down Destiny, Ghosts, and PSN; Send Photo of Father’s Grave to SOE President


Almost exactly a month ago several online gaming services were stormed by DDoS attacks by a group that calls itself Lizard Squad. After days of connection issues on PSN, Twitch, and others, as well as a bomb threat by the group, everything returned to normal. That normality would only last a month, as a slew of new attacks are underway.

Users are reporting connection issues with Destiny, Call of Duty: Ghosts, and PlayStation Network. Just minutes prior, Lizard Squad posted tweets about two of the three services, taking credit for their instability.

Just yesterday, Lizard Squad posted a photo of the grave of Charles Smedley, the father of Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedley. John had the following to say on Twitter:

some idiot/wanna be hacker decided to send me a picture of my Dad’s grave out here in San Diego. You will be found.

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John Smedley was the target of the American Airlines bomb threat during last month’s attacks, one that the airline would take seriously by delaying the flight. Lizard Squad seems to have an issue with John, despite his propensity for kindness and outgoingness.

You can view DDoS attacks live as they happen via several websites such as