PAX Prime Video: Far Cry 4 Gameplay and Honey Badger vs Snow Leopard Gladiator Event

Far Cry 4 was the first of Ubisoft’s games we were scheduled to check out during Day 3 of PAX Prime.

Far Cry 4 has some new tricks up its sleeve for the franchise, including a new mini-helicopter that you can fly around while gunning people down, as well as the ability to ride a massive elephant into an enemy fortress. We did both, and loved it.

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After playing the game we took part in an event where attendees dressed up as either a Honey Badger or Snow Leopard and battled in a gladiator ring. We got our butt handed to us, but we got an A for effort.

We talk more about our hands-on time with Far Cry 4 as well as the gladiator event in the video above.