Halo 2’s Most Popular Map ‘Lockout’ Gets a Gorgeous HD Makeover in The Master Chief Collection

Halo 2‘s Lockout is generally considered to be the greatest map ever featured in a Halo game. It had a little bit of everything: close-quarters combat for sword-fighting/shotgunning, vantage points for snipers and a wide-open space in the middle of it that was used in a variety of ways in custom game types.

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Well, Lockout will inevitably be making its way to Halo: The Master Chief Collection on the Xbox One, and today we have received the first screenshots showing what the map will look like in Halo 2‘s HD remake.  Needless to say the map’s textures have received a huge overhaul, with its surfaces being glossed with snow and ice, and in traditional Halo fashion its skybox looks quite awe-inspiring.

The before-and-after screenshots released by Gamespot are certainly impressive and show just how far technology has come since Halo 2 first released on the original Xbox back in 2004. Max Hoberman, the lead designer of Halo 2 who is now working with The Master Chief Collection’s developer 343 Industries, spoke of the improvements made to the classic map, saying: “Lockout was hands-down the most popular small arena-style map in Halo 2. We’re thrilled to be bringing this fan-favorite back, and are paying close attention to the details and subtleties that made the original great while also making a couple of very careful, very calculated enhancements.

“Most prominent among these are a bit of cover added to the ‘Elbow,’ the long walkway connecting the grav lift to the sniper tower, and a dynamic element that should help counter an entrenched group of enemies. Of course this can be disabled in Forge for players who want a near-match of the original experience.”

Check out the screenshots in the gallery below:


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