Arctic Movies: Alex Turner & Miles Kane ‘X-Men’ Style Film in The Works


On top of rocking the world with one of the biggest rock bands in action, Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner is apparently also eyeing a side career in film. Turner and his Last Shadow Puppets collaborator Miles Kane are dedicating themselves to making progress on the film before they make music together again, and the latter has revealed a few more details on the ambitious project.

“Well, it’s just this idea that we had, it’s just like a sort of, a movie set in the ’60s but it’s sort of based on X-Men, that’s all I can say,” Kane told XFM’s Gabby Sanderson backstage at Ibiza Rocks. 

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So, we’re talking a superhero Mod Squad film? Given Turner’s penchant for slick retro-chic, the stylistic themes could prove to be pretty badass. The duo will focus on production and directorial roles, however – though appearing in the film isn’t out of the question. 

“He really wants to have a cameo,” Kane confirmed, “but I don’t want to.” 

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Turner and Kane, who released their collaborative Last Shadow Puppets record The Age Of The Understatement in 2008, have remained close while furthering their own careers; Turner hit the stratosphere with three Arctic Monkeys albums in the interim, while Kane, a former member of The Rascals, released his solo debut Colour of the Trap in 2011 and followed it last year with Don’t Forget Who You Are.

The full interview will be available on the Propaganda Show with Gabby Sanderson this Saturday night on Xfm.