Gamescom 2014: Until Dawn Has Hundreds of Endings


Until Dawn has remained one of the more interesting games present at this year’s Gamescom. Yes, it’s a horror game with a serial killer, but it’s also one where you are able to control a total of eight characters. As bold as that is, Until Dawn‘s ambition doesn’t end there.

Supermassive Games has emphasized during hands-on time with Until Dawn that it’s a game with many outcomes. As a matter of fact, it says that the game branches in all sorts of directions, leading to a variety of sequences to make each playthrough unique to the player. It gets better as there are actually hundreds of endings to see. While some of these are similar to one another, each of them are a direct outcome of your decisions throughout the game.

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Until Dawn has a ton of different forms of interaction, meaning you’ll constantly be making choices that have a direct impact on not only the game flow but the ending. Things like choosing which direction to go, what objects to interact with, and more make it a very dynamic adventure. Given that you’ll be controlling several characters in environments that have multiple paths, making choices is a constant process.

Until Dawn currently doesn’t have an expected release date, but is confirmed to be exclusive to PS4.