Gamescom 2014: New PS4 Exclusive Called Wild is Spear-Headed by Rayman’s Creator

A new exclusive has been announced for the PS4, and it’s a surprising one.

Labeled as an “online survival adventure game”, Wild is a PS4 exclusive unlike any other. It has a heart-warming visual style, with an emphasis on hunting and exploration.

Its world is set 10,000 years ago, devoid of the technology that has made life both more convenient and complicated. You’ll have to forage for your own food to survive, while dealing with other human beings with motives of their own.

Judging by the trailer, there will be at least some level of character customization. You’ll likely be able to collect materials to craft gear and weapons.

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Wild Sheep Studio is a French company based in Montpellier. Headed by Michel Ancel, Rayman‘s creator, it’s a new studio with a ton of talent.

Check out the debut trailer above.