Soundwave 2015 Lineup Has Four Headliners

The Soundwave 2015 lineup is currently set to feature four headline acts, with Soundwave promoter AJ Maddah sharing the exciting news in a recent interview.

Talking to “Full Metal Lockdown” podcast, Maddah said the lineup is looking rather inviting. “I can’t talk about the Big Day Out, but Soundwave has four headliners next year. It’s looking pretty good,” Maddah told podcast host Tom Roberts.

When asked whether or not “the big four” of metal will ever come to Australia, Maddah replied, “I don’t think it’ll ever happen. Enjoy your memories of Metallica, Slayer and Anthrax, and if Mega[deth] ever come down then patch that into your memory bank.”

Maddah also confirmed earlier reports that Fear Factory are eager to play the festival, and that he’s optimistic about it happening. “They’re keen to do it,” Maddah said. “We’re keen to have them so I think it’ll happen… They’ve wanted to do Soundwave for a long time.”

Maddah told Roberts that Australian metal act King Parrot are likely to join the full Soundwave 2015 tour after only performing at the Melbourne leg of the festival in 2014.

The first band confirmed for Soundwave 2015 were Melbourne progressive metal act Ne Obliviscaris. Maddah has also said that Richmond-based group Conditions will likely be booked for the festival. Check out the other rumoured acts right here.

Maddah also revealed the reason behind Rage Against The Machine’s involvement in Soundwave Revolution’s cancellation back in 2011 in the interview. The 2015 Soundwave Festival lineup isn’t expected to be released until August but we can expect the dates for next week’s event to drop within the next couple of weeks.

Photo: Rebecca Reid