Band of The Month Performance: Steel Panther Declare ‘Death To All But Metal’ (Exclusive)


The spandex-clad hard rock parodists of Steel Panther deliver a hilariously badass dose of rock n’ roll glory-days nostalgia, rocking harder, looking better and bringing a hell of a lot more fun than the entirety of the 80s hair-metal glam band movement they’re modeled after.

Steel Panther are cocksmen caricaturized, obsessed with groupie sleaze and STDs as they breathe new life into the ludicrously over-the-top antics of rock’s most flamboyant era without ever breaking character. Every song in their catalogue is a testimony to absurdly gluttonous sexuality, and they push it to the hilt on their third album, All You Can Eat, released last month on their own label. Need more evidence? Have a run through the shower of bodily fluids featured in the video for their latest single “Gloryhole”.

All You Can Eat has been Steel Panther’s highest-charting release thus far, and the time couldn’t be more perfect to lock the boys in as May’s featured Band of The Month, following previous featured BOTM artists Semi Precious Weapons, Dessa, Everlast, Nico Vega and more. Last week we sat down with bassist Lexxi Foxxx and guitarist Satchel for a hilarious discussion on the band’s new tour (check dates near you), the benefits of seduction at the old-folks home and Pussy Riot. Now we’re getting into the meat of what we’re all here for: a rippin‘ performance of “Death To All But Metal,” by the righteously, riotously rockin’ Steel Panther, exclusively on CraveOnline:

Check back next week for the next CraveOnstage performance session by Steel Panther! Keep up with the band at their official site, as well as on Twitter and Facebook.

Thanks as always to Swing House studios!

Photo: Hamilton Augustine