Project Morpheus’ Virtual Reality Shark Attack Game Looks Terrifying

Now here’s a concept for a game that’s full of DO NOT WANT. The Deep has been revealed for Project Morpheus, Sony’s upcoming virtual reality headset for the PS4, and it lets players experience a virtual shark attack. Oh, goodie. 

Despite its concept being pant-wettingly terrifying, we can’t see that we don’t want to get our hands on it. Call us masochists, but there’s something about being stuck in the deep blue sea with a huge great white shark that intrigues us… in virtual reality, of course. No way would we want to replicate this in real-life.

IGN has posted a gameplay video of The Deep, and we’re impressed with how detailed the shark looks. As is the case in reality, the sharks eyes white over when it moves in for the kill, and its huge jaws look terrifying enough that we’ll likely throw the Project Morpheus to the floor in fear when we finally get our hands on it.

Watch the video below.