Rock Beef: Arctic Monkeys Criticized by The Orwells

Arctic Monkeys 4

The Arctic Monkeys can make mistakes? What? 

American rockers The Orwells have recently finished a supporting run alongside Arctic Monkeys, and on the heels of the arena tour the band has taken aim at the “Do I Wanna Know?” rockers’ predictable, scripted live performance.

In an interview with Gigwise, guitarist Matt O'Keefe said: "When you're playing arenas and everything, it's a huge production, then the show has to become synchronized to work. So every night, no matter how he [Alex Turner] was feeling, he'd go into that opening riff. It was the exact same ad-libs he was putting between the songs. So we were with them for about 50 dates, you saw them once and you'd pretty much seen every date that they'd played."

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While the Arctic Monkeys have seen a sharp evolution of their onstage persona and live performance over the past 2-3 years (specifically a lean towards Elvis-level-cocky future-rockabilly schtick by frontman Alex Turner), the band have certainly adopted a more formulaic approach to their larger scale shows. The direct criticism is a departure from the general fawning the Sheffield rockers have enjoyed in an uninterrupted stream in recent years.

Frontman Mario Cuomo was more specific: "You don't have to take that route," he said. "You can get that level of success with those size venues, that sort of thing, but still treat it as a spontaneous show at a small club. So it all just depends on the band, what they're going for and what they feel comfortable with. I would feel super uncomfortable if I knew what I was going to say in between songs."