WTF? David Cameron, Stephen Fry and Danny Dyer Record Album Together

Every now and then a piece of news comes along that’s so unbelievable it makes you question the very fabric of your existence or, as Danny Dyer would say, it makes you go off your fuckin’ nut. The news that Prime Minister David Cameron, Eastenders actor Danny Dyer and broadcaster Stephen Fry will be recording an album together is a prime example of this.

The unlikely trio will also be joining Game of Thrones actor Sean Bean and comedian Sarah Millican on the official World War One centenary charity album, which will feature spoken word and music performances.

David Cameron has recorded a reading of The Soldier by Rupert Brooke in his home at Downing Street, Stephen Fry has recorded his take on In Flanders Field by John McCrae, while Dyer has read In Memoriam by Ewart Alan Mackintosh. Here’s a transcription of his reading:

“So you were David’s fackin’ father,

And he was your only saaahn,

And them new-cut peats are rottin’

And the work is left undone,

Because of an old man bloody weepin’,

Just an old man in fackin’ pain,

For David, his bleedin’ son David,

That won’t bloody come again.”

This could likely lead to a chart placing for the UK’s Prime Minister, and if anything it will at least be better than the Conservative Secretary of State for Education Michael Gove’s rapping.


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