Mars Volta Reunites? Kind of. Introducing Antemasque ft. Flea & Dave Elitch


Our math-rock hearts were shattered last year when word broke that The Mars Volta had disbanded in an acrimonious public split. Though we saw great promise and good times with Bosnian Rainbows, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez's new project, Volta fans bitterly missed their one-of-a-kind portal to a magnificently psychedelic & astonishingly complex world of polyrhythmic beauty. 

Now, a year and change down the line, Omar and Mars Volta frontman Cedric Bixler-Zavala have reconvened to begin anew. This afternoon, XGames posted a rehearsal video of a band called Antemasque, featuring the dynamic TMV duo as well as Dave Elitch on drums and the legendary Flea on bass. Watch the clip below, featuring Omar and Flea working out parts to a new song. As the track progresses, listeners can hear Bixler-Zavala wailing over the riff.



We'll most definitely be keeping you posted as news develops. In the meantime, have a free download of 15 unreleased B-sides and demos from The Mars Volta.