22 Ridiculous Kanye Gifs

The pop-culture collective is in fairly unanimous agreement that Kanye West is a cartoonish egomaniac with a sense of self-importance that makes the most self-absorbed rappers look meek by comparison. His penchant for self-delusional nonsense has long since broken our narcissism meter, and he’s been parodied to hell and back – rightfully and hilariously so – by everyone from South Park to Seth Rogen and James Franco to Saturday Night Live to Zappos shoes.

West is so polarizing that Bonnaroo organizers were compelled to issue a statement explaining why they invited him to headline this year’s festival. But with a new album approaching that he’s calling the Born in The USA to Yeezus’ Nebraska, it’s clear that Mr. Leather Sweatpants is clearly not going anywhere anytime soon. So we’re embracing the Hobbit-loving egomaniacal lunacy with a collection of 22 Ridiculous Kanye Gifs, which serve as something of a career retrospective for the man with the world’s biggest messiah complex.