Twitch Explodes With Popularity Following Xbox One Support


According to Twitch, over 23 million minutes have already been broadcast from Xbox One. On launch day, the Xbox One app accounted for 30% of all broadcasts on Twitch, and over 108,000 users tried their hand at streaming from Xbox One during the first week. In other words, Twitch on Xbox One has been a big deal.

Titanfall has remained the game most streamed on the Xbox One, with 10 million minutes, or over 40%, of total streaming coming from Respawn Entertainment's latest shooter.

This news follows similarly huge numbers coming from the PS4. Console gamers have shown a strong interest in live streaming, and it's having a very positive impact on the platform. 

Twitch COO Kevin Lin shared the following:

This high rate of adoption for our console integrations has elevated our role in the entertainment industry. People go to Hulu to watch TV, Netflix to watch movies, and now they go to Twitch to watch and broadcast video games. We’re really fortunate for such a passionate and progressive community who made this all possible.

In the case of the Xbox One, it still amazes me that you can play a game like Titanfall and stream it to viewers with 720p resolution. Previously, I would have told you that's impossible after my experiences with streaming from my gaming PC. Optimization really works wonders.

If you're curious as to how the visual quality is on Xbox One streaming, you can see a list of Xbox One broadcasters here. You may be surprised.