Xbox One is Now $450 on Microsoft Store, Price Drop All But Confirmed


Just a few days ago Walmart and Best Buy reduced the price of the Xbox One from $500 down to $450. Although it seemed like a temporary sale to boost March NPD numbers, it may be much more than that.

The Xbox One Titanfall Edition bundle is now available for $449.99 on the Microsoft Store. The bundle includes an Xbox One, Kinect, a digital version of Titanfall, and one month of Xbox Live Gold.

This begs the question: is Microsoft preparing for a post-March price drop for the Xbox One? It has fared well during its first four months, but has already fallen more than a million units behind the PS4. Microsoft's Phil Spencer made it clear this week that they are "in this to win".

Considering the Xbox One includes the Kinect, which is an impressive albeit underutilized piece of hardware, a $450 price point isn't too shabby. Purchasing a PS4 with the PlayStation Eye totals at $460. But not every consumer wants a camera in their living room, and the Xbox One doesn't win in the performance department.

Nonetheless, Microsoft supposedly have some big announcements in-store that are yet to be revealed. Titanfall also managed to outsell inFamous: Second Son, demonstrating that the Xbox One can achieve a high attachment ratio. This generation is far from over.